Founded in 1950, Giussani of Lainate is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic power supplies for galvanic systems and converters of excellent quality, tailored and customized according to the needs of each customer.

Initially specializing in electrical measuring instruments, during the 1960s the company began concentrating its activities on chargers and rectifiers for galvanizing systems.

Since 2005, they have crossed international borders by opening a manufacturing plant in Brazil dedicated to the Latin American market, to best meet the demands of a growing and highly diversified market. Giussani offers products including:


  • manual and electronic rectifiers;
  • switching;
  • AC/AC and AC/DC converters;
  • Ampere-hour meter programmers, simple and complete with       dosing pumps.

    Giussani Ltd
    In addition to their standardised production, Giussani offers ad-hoc processes with models designed specifically for the individual customer, thanks to a team of interior designers with proven experience. The technical team continually updates their knowledge to allow them to constantly find new solutions to improve every product, making them ever ore reliable and efficient. In addition, they offer a repair and maintenance service which guarantees a maximum performance from every product, without ignoring the possibility to return used products when new versions are purchased.
    ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 10014 certification underlines their involvement and dedication in performing their tasks taking care of every detail and attempting to meet the needs of every client. Numerous companies, national and international, producing galvanic systems have for years relied on Giussani, a name synonymous with excellent quality and great professionalism.
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